Transparency is a beautiful thing. It’s something we search for and it’s rooted in our deepest desire to be fully known. Transparency is being honest, and vulnerable, and just totally you, and when you take the leap into transparency, you freely say you are who you are—no apologies, no take-backs, no regrets. This is it.

Transparency is something I long to see everywhere I go—from the people I interact with to the companies I choose to support. Lately, my quest for transparency has shifted from clothing companies to beauty products and I’ve been so pleased to see what I’ve found. One of my favourites so far is Voir Haircare.


Voir is a Canadian-based company who curated a collection of premium haircare essentials designed to inspire your beauty routine through art. Voir is the medium. You are the canvas.


Aside from being totally in love with their beautifully crafted messaging of words that make my heart melt, it’s was more than their message and brand I loved, it was their products, their sourcing, and their heart as a company…


The more I learn to relish the beauty surrounding me, the more I enjoy the four seasons in Canada. Voir is inspired by their Canadian roots and the country’s ever-changing seasons for their line of products; the warm glow of the sun, a cleansing rain, the caress of the wind, and the cool touch of first snow.


From concept to creation, each step of their product development process takes place in Canada, meaning they support local industries and initiatives. Keeping a rooted sense of closeness and community means they can maintain a hands-on approach to their product while manifesting a true Canadian feel.

I am beginning to dabble in the idea that my immature faith has caused me to deny myself self-love. That the continued message of living as a servant to others has led me to deny that I need time for me and that my time is only valuable when put towards the greater good– that my value and worthiness comes strictly from my pursuit to put myself last and everything else first.

While at first, this sounds heroic and humble, like things we are continually told to do, there’s a piece of the message being preached that is missing… like the last page fell from the pile of carefully assembled notes and no one ever cared to pick it up.

I’m starting to realize that if God loves us as His children, that if we have immeasurable value to Him, then, yes, He wants us to serve others, serve Him, lay our lives down to walk with Him; but He as the good father He is, wants us to be refreshed, renewed, rested and prepared to follow Him with all our hearts and minds and souls. The way a parent makes sure you are well fed, well rested, and ready to take on challenges, God desires that for us too! We need to take time for self-care so we can have a heart full to serve, not drained to point of no help. We need hands and feet refreshed, not cracked and worn and needing bandages, unable to assist. We need to time to rest so we can pursue our calling with vigor and grace, patience and kindness, gentleness and strength.

In my pursuit of learning to care for myself before being able to care for others, I decided to search scripture to learn of the importance of rest,

I invite you along a journey that will positively impact your life and will change the way you view the world around you. It’s 30 days of gratitude and doing ONE thing that will move your life the direction you aspire to go. It sounds simple, but it will come with its own set of unique challenges; you will overcome procrastination, self-doubt, and will come out the other side of these 3o days feeling lighter, happier, and ready to continue on past the 30-day marker as the challenge will have transitioned from a timeline to a lifestyle.

What you’ll need:

  • A notebook or your phone (I’m old school and love a real notebook and pencil)
  • A willing heart ready to be changed.
  • Oh, and an idea of what you want to do for 3o days….

The challenge has 3 parts:

1. Each day, for 30 days, you will write down in your journal at least ONE thing you are grateful for. You can do this as you are getting ready for the day, make notes in your phone throughout your day as little things happen, or use this as a reflection time before you head to bed.

My preference is to make little notes on my phone throughout the day, then before bed, journal them out.

On ‘good days’ this will be soooo easy for you. A little extra on your paycheque? boom, grateful. Dinner already made when you get home? PTL. Laundry folded? Life is good and all is right in the world.

But, on those difficult days, the days it’s only Wednesday and not Friday, the days nothing seems to be going right and you can’t even imagine what else could go wrong,


Just typing those three little letters brings a jump to my heart and a sweet smile to my face.

While my blog was under construction this past summer I had an amazing trip to NYC and I’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment to share it with you. That moment is now and I am so excited to relive the moments that I am so blessed to have experienced; a trip that just might have been the biggest highlight of 2016.

First off, the biggest shout out of life goes to my amazing bosses, Jenna & Ashley, for providing this incredible opportunity for me. I remember the day they presented me with this unbelievable chance of a lifetime; take a trip to NYC to learn how to make Sugar Flowers from the one-and-only Ron Ben-Israel. Let me tell you, a solo trip to NYC is just what the doctor ordered.

The trip was in-and-out, scheduled to arrive the night before the workshops began and fly out the morning after it ended. While flight cancellations plagued my journey there, it didn’t dampen my spirits once new flights were booked and I arrived just as the bakery tour was beginning.

The Ron Ben-Israel space is simply incredible. As a girl who swoons over organization, I was basically on cloud 9 while walking through their impeccably designed studio. The attention to detail was flawless and I knew I would learn so much over my three days that I couldn’t wait to get started– and drop off my luggage at my hotel after so I could explore a little bit of the city.

Ron is friendly, funny, and a fountain of knowledge.