Collaborating is one of my favourite things.

While I don’t have as much time for it as I would like, there’s something so special and magical about coming together with other creatives to see a vision come to life. Working with others is inspiring for a few different reasons…

  1. Seeing a collective vision come to life is often so much more beautiful and rewarding.

  2. Appreciating the talents of your peers brings you gratitude.

  3. You get a chance to connect with other like-minded individuals, which often fosters a safe space for more creativity and collaborating in the future.

This past spring I had the opportunity to work with some of the best vendors in southern Manitoba. These lovely individuals are passionate about their craft– often living their passion on the side before transitioning into a full time career. Their talent is obvious, their kindness was lovely, and the venue of the shoot just oozed out excitement and creativity! Each person was selected because their specific contribution would be the perfect addition to the scene.

Each vendor was proud to be part of the styled shoot and I’m so pleased to share some images with you.

Obviously, I did the cakes.

I made mini almost naked cakes, set to be in the style of individual desserts. They were topped with live florals, and the setting they were placed was magnificent! Looking back, it’s wonderful to see how my cake skills have progressed over the past 9 months or so of working on cakes slightly more regularly. They were darling cakes and worked perfectly for the shoot, which was the goal!

Healing is such an interesting word.

We can think of healing in many different ways but its deepest root is positivity—to become whole again.

I recently had a healing session with one of my yoga-teachers-turned-friend Savannah.

I will be the first person to admit, when she first mentioned I should come to a healing session, my mind was full of doubt and disbelief, intertwined with playful curiosity and intrigue. As someone who has a firm belief in my own faith, I am definitely open to hearing about what other people find worthy of their own belief—where people find truth, and how similarities form. Let’s be honest, as a Christian, we are continually told to go out and make disciples of those around us, spread the gospel, and see people come to Christ. One of the reasons I love hearing about another individuals belief system is because I love seeing where their system of belief intertwines with my own; where the same ideals flow parallel but with different names, where people say Love is the root of everything because I believe God is the root of everything and He IS Love. It’s amazing the commonalities we can share, often just associated with different labels and names.


After hearing her speak more to me about what she does, I was interested but also still skeptical. A few months later and she mentioned again that she should do a healing session. This time I said yes and we agreed upon a healing/baked goods trade deal…. Aka, the best kind of deal.

Savannah is a healer working with energy. In Yoga you always hear about energy, and how different areas of the body hold different emotions and different experiences, how the chakras are a thing,

Travel Necessities

Thursday, November 10 2016

Long Flights. They are a necessity for arriving in exotic destinations where adventures await, but it’s often knowing you’ll arrive eventually that get’s us through the trip.

I am currently sitting in the Toronto Airport waiting for my 15+ hour flight to Hong Kong. This is my second last flight in my journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve eaten a Gorp Energy Bar, a few dried cranberries, am charging my cell phone for maximum battery life (mostly so I can listen to Christmas music during my travels), and my water bottle is full. So aside from being well prepared with snacks, and obviously not forgetting your phone charger, what other ways can you make an long travel day more enjoyable?

Here are my top travel necessities:

1 – A good book.

I know, I know, how generic! A good book?! Seriously?! Yes, I am serious. You can’t tell me you’ve never been travelling and have experienced tired, dry eyes just from looking at too many screens. A book is a nice break for your eyes, and makes you feel like you’re not completely lost in a technical world. Pages to touch make you feel like you are still grounded– even when you’re higher than the clouds. On this journey I brought along a collection of short stories by Anne Lamont. I am that person that still gets motion sickness when flying sometimes, so something I can read in short spurts is a must!

2 – Lip Balm.

Recycled air, more people than I can count, and a season change means a good quality lip balm is an absolute necessity. Since purchasing my lavender and mint lip balm by Province Apothecary from Margot &

With soft light from the hallway gently cascading warmth into the bedroom, contrasting the cool blue, early morning light from a chilly fall day where the sun hasn’t made its first stage call yet, I calmly have the opportunity, without timelines or carved-in-concrete to-do lists, to take time to enjoy the little moments of peace and beauty.

Reading about the depth of character emulated in story of the idealistic woman in proverbs 31, reading encouragement and challenge in bible study form from Grit & Virtue, then venturing to Instagram and tapping down the rabbit hole from feed, to like, to profile, leaves me in awe. I stumble upon amazing creators honestly living their lives in struggle and joy, while beautifully displaying their passion in ways that encourage and throw sparks of imagination into the quiet world surrounding me.

What an inspiring morning.
With my glasses still on the dresser, little lights flickering in the distance are gorgeous orbs of glowing glitter and I am reminded that perspective changes everything, that even when things aren’t clear they can create beauty, and inspiration can be found anywhere you look– as long as you take time to find stillness in the world around you and let God fill your heart excitement and praise.