Just typing those three little letters brings a jump to my heart and a sweet smile to my face.

While my blog was under construction this past summer I had an amazing trip to NYC and I’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment to share it with you. That moment is now and I am so excited to relive the moments that I am so blessed to have experienced; a trip that just might have been the biggest highlight of 2016.

First off, the biggest shout out of life goes to my amazing bosses, Jenna & Ashley, for providing this incredible opportunity for me. I remember the day they presented me with this unbelievable chance of a lifetime; take a trip to NYC to learn how to make Sugar Flowers from the one-and-only Ron Ben-Israel. Let me tell you, a solo trip to NYC is just what the doctor ordered.

The trip was in-and-out, scheduled to arrive the night before the workshops began and fly out the morning after it ended. While flight cancellations plagued my journey there, it didn’t dampen my spirits once new flights were booked and I arrived just as the bakery tour was beginning.

The Ron Ben-Israel space is simply incredible. As a girl who swoons over organization, I was basically on cloud 9 while walking through their impeccably designed studio. The attention to detail was flawless and I knew I would learn so much over my three days that I couldn’t wait to get started– and drop off my luggage at my hotel after so I could explore a little bit of the city.

Ron is friendly, funny, and a fountain of knowledge.


I am passionate about being inspired.

When you’re inspired, you are limitless. All the possibilities of the world are open, and you find ways to relish in the daydreams of endless potential. Creating inspiring spaces cultivates a little piece of possibility in your own home, which is valuable beyond measure. Creating a space that inspires you means you believe you can change the world, you can take on anything that comes your way, and you feel welcome, happy and your heart radiates.

I’ve made a point to surround myself with items that inspire. I’ve even had people comment on my Instagram photos, sharing sentiments of how they enjoy the environment I intentionally put myself in. I encourage people to do the same– a candle in a little corner, a plant whose shadows dance in the sunlight, or a favourite saying framed in calligraphy to encourage you in moments you feel less than.

It’s difficult to feel continually inspired, but it’s such a treat to create a space that encourages your creativity and inspiration to flow. This GIVEAWAY is all about creating that space.

I am so blessed to be able to partner with amazing local makers and shakers in providing you with a little Inspired Space giveaway. If you’ve wanted to create a little nook in your home to feel welcome that cultivates that inner glow and gets your creative juices flowing, this is made for you. Below you will see a list of the items included, why each one is hand picked for this special package, and also details on how to win… oh, and some pretty photos too!

1 – Macrame Wall Garland from Eve Seven Co

This handmade piece by a momma to 5 kids is the perfect backdrop to your desk,

I first met Bailey in my ‘past life’.

The phrase ‘my past life’ is the hopefully endearing name I use to describe my radio career.

Most people I meet these days don’t even realize I had this whole other career before I began baking to pay the bills. I actually studied broadcasting for radio & television at The Academy of Broadcasting and graduated in 2007. From there I went on to work in the industry for five years in various capacities. From receiving my ‘dream job’ out the gate as Promotions Coordinator to ending up On Air during the Drive Home, and doing just about everything in between (trust me, this isn’t even an exaggeration), my radio career seems so far in the past I often forget this part of my history! That is…until a commercial comes on I remember voicing a few years back, or when the odd person comes up to me and says ‘You used to be on the radio, right?’.

Bailey and I met during my final radio days in Winkler. She always had the coolest glasses and was the sweetest girl, always there with a smile and oh so friendly.

Fast forward six years or so and here we are, James proposed to Bailey in the sweetest of ways, she said yes, and soon enough she was looking for a simple, yet beautiful, wedding cake to feature on the exciting day.

The inspiration she sent me was mostly of naked cakes; some with simple blooms, others with greenery and one image, in particular, was loaded with fruit on top. I decided to combine all three pieces of inspiration and created a cutting cake for the happy couple and the head table to enjoy.


Cupcakes can change the world.

“It sounds pretty bizarre, and I don’t blame you for thinking I’m a little wacko for making such a bold statement, but it doesn’t change that the statement is true. What if I told you that YOU, as one person in this massive world, can use something you are passionate about to implement and create a lasting global impact and help end slavery? That’s what I did, this is what I am doing, and it all started with cupcakes…”

This weekend I am headed to Ohio to be part of a Social Justice Summit where my talk, titled Cupcakes Can Change The World, aims to encourage individuals to implement two key pieces of activism to see modern-day slavery and human trafficking come to an end. These two crucial parts of the activism puzzle are:

1- Purchasing Power

2- Open Source Activism

These two concepts have been woven so seamlessly into my everyday life that I often forget that just five years ago, I really had no idea slavery still existed in the world. I had a smidge of an idea, but on this date five years ago I hadn’t even been to Thailand yet! My first Live Different build to Thailand, partnered with my stint with Not For Sale as part of their Fellowship Program, sent my life into a new direction. It’s those two events that propelled my life down a path lined with moments where I actively engaged with my surroundings to live where the justice of ending slavery is a daily goal. Where each and every day I am acknowledging my part of the supply chain…